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Instructions for proceedings

The proceedings of the 16th ECSBM will be published in "Biomedical Spectroscopy and Imaging" (IOS-Press, NL) in a special, dedicated, issue edited by Klaus Gerwert  (Local Organiser of 16th ECSBM) and Parvez I. Haris (editor in chief of "Biomedical Spectroscopy and Imaging").

The length of the papers will be limited as follows:

  • Papers from poster presentations: max. 9 printed pages
  • Papers from oral presentations: max. 15 printed pages
  • Papers from invited lectures: max. 25 printed pages

Please remember that 1 printed page corresponds to about 600 words, while 1 half-page figure corresponds to about 300 words. We therefore suggest the authors to limit the number of figures in their manuscripts to 3, 5 and 7 respectively. We also ask the authors to avoid using colour figures unless scientifically necessary; the authors will be responsible for costs associated with publishing colour diagrams in hard copies of the journal. However, colour figures can be included in the electronic version of the manuscript free of charge.

The deadline for manuscript submission is 30th November 2015. The proceedings will be published in January 2016.

All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed before acceptance and publication. The instruction for authors of "Biomedical Spectroscopy and Imaging" can be found in the following link:

To download the instructions for proceedings please click here.